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Boat Wraps

A vinyl wrap can add value, beauty, and a stylish custom design to a boat. And at JC Custom Vehicles, we help maximize those attributes.

We specialize in custom boat wrap design and installation services. We've developed an impeccable reputation for our impressive designs, customer-focused approach, and incredibly well-performing boat wraps. Whether you're looking to change the color of your boat or add a logo, you can take advantage of our unbeatable services.

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Add Style with a Custom Boat Wrap

Why get a boat wrap from JC Custom Vehicles? Ultimately, it's the perfect way to customize your boat and add your own flair to it. We handcraft each boat wrap based on the stylistic preferences of the customer. You can choose your own color, accent, graphical details, logos—whatever you want. Give us your ideas, and we'll realize them in our boat wrap design. It's great for individuals and for businesses looking to rep their brand on the waters.

Unlike a custom paint job, our boat wraps do not permanently alter the appearance of your boat. If you want to change it up, simply peel away the wrap, and the original finish will be perfectly preserved. If you're the type who thinks variety is the spice of life, then our boat wraps may just be the secret ingredient for you.

High-Grade Vinyl Boat Wraps

Preserve Your Boat

Our boat wraps are made from a high-grade, durable marine vinyl. It doesn't just look good—it also protects the finish of your boat, shielding it from damage and from wear and tear. Think of it like a suit of armor: It's your boat's first line of defense against algae, contaminants, and foreign objects. With one of our boat wraps, you'll keep your boat looking clean and pristine for years to come. And in the process, you'll also maximize its resale value.

Our boat wraps are also incredibly low maintenance. Unlike a conventional finish, they don't require any polishing or stringent cleaning regimen. All they need? A quick rub and scrub every so often with some soap and water. Talk about smart.

Seamless Boat Wrap Installations

Years of experience have made us the leading local experts on installing boat wraps. We're fast, we're efficient, and we're making sure every one of our wraps looks flawless. In no time, you'll have your boat looking just the way you want with our help.

We start by smoothing the hull to ensure a clean, even wrap. Working with care and precision, our team then wraps the hull, as well as any other areas you'd like. From there, we apply a specialized sealant to strengthen the wrap and preserve its finish. It's a fast and streamlined process, but we take every precaution to ensure the highest standards for our workmanship.

Keep Your Boat Looking Its Best

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If you're looking for a local boat wrap company, look no further than our team. Our designs, our installations, and our high-durability boat wraps are second to none. We're confident you'll love our services from start to finish.

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